Best Hair Straightener

Looking for the BEST Hair Straightener ......EVER?

Better than the REST?  Then read this...

Best Straightener Ever?  A BIG Call, i know, But listen up...

Hi, I'm Michelle, a professional Hairdresser & Session Stylist that has over 30 years experience working with the best salons in the world.

In that time, i've used just about every Hair Straightener on the planet, including GHD, BIO Ionic, Babyliss Pro, Vidal Sassoon and many, many more.

So when I tell you that without a doubt, the BEST Hair Straightener I have EVER used and the ONLY Hair Straightener I use today, is the EVY Professional One Glide, You can be sure this is something I have tested, and do not say lightly.

What makes the EVY Professional 1 Glide Soooo Good?


Well here's what Evy PR say:

  • The EVY iQ-OneGlide with unique three PTFE strips allows you to achieve powerful results and inner hydration for the perfect salon finish.
  • New technology plates contain 24-carat gold for smoother glide. Unique three strip design for even tension and faster results.
  • New PTFE strips for stronger heat and chemical resilience. Mineral Infused Technology for inner hydration & ultimate shine.
  • Digital temperature control from 130-210°C. Fast MCH ceramic heater. Suitable for professional & home use.

OK, OK, i know what you're thinking!

All that technical talk doesn't really mean a thing to you?  Yep, i agree and it doesn't mean much to me either. So let me tell you why the Evy One Glide is the best hair straightener i've ever used.

I spend  8 hours working in my salon and every client i have wants their hair to be smooth, shiny and in its best condition ever. That's what they pay me for!

So, anytime i can find a product that helps me do this, i grab it, and the Evy One Glide makes this sooooo easy. The Evy One Glide get very hot, very quick and just slides over the hair smoothly and evenly. It takes me about half the time than any other straightener i've used, which means my arms hurt less. (Big thing for me!!)

AND the end result for my clients?    Simply AMAZING!! They end up having the smoothest, shiniest hair they've ever had.

But the biggest plus is the condition. The Evy One Glide actually leaves the hair in better condition than it was before it was treated. If you know anything about Hair straighteners you'll know this is not always the case. Some cheap straighteners can actually damage the hair.

So if you want a hair straightener to give you that 'just left the salon' look and feel, then you need the Evy One Glide!!  Get a set before they're all SOLD OUT! Now just $269 until sold out!


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